Urinal and Water Management

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Urinal and Water Management

What is Urinal Management?

Urinal Management is important to any organisation that have urinals in their toilets, despite the fact it is often an unseen element of a washroom, it is vital to get it right.
Without managing your urinals with the correct products and systems it can lead to unforgiving, pervasive odour which can drastically alter an initially favourable impression of your organization to both your customers and staff alike!

What is the smell in the toilet and how do I get rid of it?

The common smell that acquaints itself with male toilets is often due to the build-up, over time, of scale and uric salts. The pipes begin to block due to this and enables bacteria to multiply and spread, yet once this obvious stench of ammonia is released it gives the appearance of an unhygienic washroom and, by consequence, an unsanitary workplace.

The flooring around the urinals in male toilets cause a similar problem to the pipes. You often find white/grey areas around the bottom of a urinal; this is a uric salt patch which is as hard as concrete and will not be shifted by your strongest bleach. These patches will release the undeniable smell of ammonia, however, at Hygiene Solutions our professionals can assist you in completely removing the stench from your washrooms.

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How do I keep urinals from smelling?


Our experts will be able to provide you will a multitude of ways to prevent the smell of ammonia taking over your business. However, they will ensure that your urinal treatment is personalised to your organisation, giving you both value for money and peace of mind.

At Hygiene Solutions we can provide a urinal sanitiser which prevents any build up in the pipework by injecting a solution into the water which is flushed through your urinals to ensure that your urinals are clean and hygienic. Our professionals may also recommend urinals mats which trap unwanted dirt and waste from entering the pipework and causing a
blockage which again, may generate that unmistakable stench of ammonia.

Aside from the urinals themselves, the ammonia odour can be caused by a buildup of Uric Salts on the floor around the urinals creating a white/grey patch. Our ‘Blu-Away’ will soften the concrete-like deposit of Uric Salts on the floor that will be producing the smell. This will then enable us to wipe away the deposits with ease, taking the odour with it!

My Urinals are wasting water, how do I save money?

In many cases, we help our clients save considerable amounts of money on their water bill each month. This is because many organisations have urinals that constantly flush with water throughout the day. These urinals continue to flush through the night and over the weekend meaning the value water and, consequently, money is being flushed down the

At Hygiene Solutions, we are able to provide and service a Water Management System that can work alongside the Urinal Sanitiser to control when your Urinals flush. This can be set to flush once over a period of time, to flush only when somebody has left the room and it can
even be even turned off at night and weekends when nobody is using the washroom. This could reduce your water costs by up to 85%! In fact, we can even produce for you a tailored cost/saving analysis on just how much money you will save. Below is an illustration of just some of the typical savings that companies might expect to save.

Hygiene Solutions also offer a service to maintain and service your Waterless Urinal Systems by replacing and replenishing the Urinal traps every quarter, so your washroom stays fresh at all times.  

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How do I keep my urinal drainage system clean and clear?

A Urinal Drainage System is all about maintenance. To keep your drainage system clean and clear our professionals will be able to use our Urinal Sanitiser System to stop the Uric Salts from forming in the Urinal Drainage System meaning that your pipework will remain clear removing any opportunity of the smell of ammonia to overtake your organisation.

Why is Urinal Management important?

Your premises could be spotless, your professionalism maybe unmatched, but your washrooms offer an undeniable behind-the-scenes look at your business. Customers draw their first impressions and make their conclusions using all of their senses. The unforgettable smell of ammonia should not be the paramount memory you leave with your prospects and clients of your organisation.

Our experts, at Hygiene Solutions, can prevent this and ensure
that your washroom match the high standards of the rest of your organisation. We provide you with harmonious, unobtrusive designs in our Urinal Management systems which we then can match to the colour schemes in order to enhance your existing washroom design.

What Our Clients Say?

We have been a customer of Hygiene Solutions for a number of years. The service has always been faultless, professional, helpful and most of all reliable. As a company we are always being approached by other hygiene companies offering us quotations, our answer is always the same, 'No thank you, we have no reason at all to leave Hygiene Solutions!'

Debbie Yates- Office Services Manager, – Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

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