Urinal Sanitiser

Benefits and Features:

  • Fully programmable dispenser allowing you a choice of number of refills per year; 6, 8, or 12 hour operation; choice of start and end time; days off selection feature; choice of days of operation (5, 6, or 7). Weekend On/Off option also available.
  • Countdown clock showing time until next dose.
  • Patented “I.P.E.™” facility enables users to program one period per day of enhanced dosing delivery for busier periods.
  • Patented automatic reset button when refill is replaced.
  • Non-return valve for compatibility with pressurised systems.
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The Urinal Sanitiser is an automatic cleaning and dosing system that provides continuous programmable maintenance, ensuring toilet and urinal dispenser is designed to work in a variety of locations, without disrupting the surrounding environment.