Urinal Purge

Features and benefits

  • Helps unblock urinals & shower cubicles, breaking down organic waste.
  • Biologically concentrated formulation designed to deal with waste products.
  • Reduce odours – helps to remove organic materials, preventing depository build up that causes unpleasant odours.
  • All ingredients are biodegradable.



Our Free-Flow Purge sachets are designed to help unblock urinals, toilet piping and shower block cubicles by breaking down organic waste and releasing enzymes. We know that this product will enable immediate improvements to the drainage system as your waste pipes will be free to flow.
Hygiene Solutions Purge treatment contains a biologically concentrated active powder formulation that is created to deal with waste products. Our experts will be using the Purge sachet to speed up the degradation of paper, protein and waste products within the waste pipes.