Features & Benefits

  • High quality & strong fragrance up to 60 days.
  • Deep bubble design for optimum splash back protection.
  • Large grip pad.
  • Bright and vibrant shades to encourage use.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Unique bubble design to allow water drainage.
  • Helps prevent blockages in urinals and uric salt build up in pipes.
  • Flexible EVA lattice core to sit comfortably in any urinal.
  • VOC exempt.
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P-Screen® urinal screens are a 60-day fragrance solution for most urinal shapes and sizes. P-Screen® is an effective solution that reduces bad smells for up to 60 days with a deep bubble and bristle design that prevents splash back and drain blockages.
The P-Screen® urinal screens incorporate an active central core within the screen, containing naturally occurring bacteria which produce enzymes to degrade organic matter, eliminating bad smells. This also reduces organic scale build-up by ensuring that uric salt is made more soluble, broken down and therefore made easier to flush away.

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