Hand Care and Surface Sanitisation

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Hand Care and Surface Sanitisation

Why is hand care important?

The Health Protection Agency UK stated that “we have 2-10 million bacteria between our fingertips and elbows. This number can double after using the toilet”. Therefore, it is vital that your washrooms are always well-stocked with soap or hand sanitiser will ensure a clean, hygienic, and healthy environment for your customers and staff. Good hand washing
facilities reduce the spread of germs and the risk of illness thus reducing absenteeism as well as creating the right first impression for your organisation. Most germs that cause serious infections in healthcare are spread by people’s actions. Hand hygiene is a great way to prevent infections.

Do I have to provide soap?

Not only providing hand care within your organisation’s washrooms will significantly improve hygiene, cleanliness and health, but in addition you have a legal obligation to provide hand cleaning facilities in your washrooms. Regulation 21 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states that washing facilities “…must include soap or
other suitable means of cleaning”. At Hygiene Solutions, our specialists can provide you with a range of Soap Dispensers and Sanitisers to suit all hand care and cleaning needs to ensure that your organisations hygiene standards are up to the high standards that you expect.

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Are automatic soap dispensers more hygienic?


Hygiene Solutions offer a range of soap dispensers both automatic/touchless and manual. The no-touch dispensers are made to functions in order to conserve the amount of soap that is used by the consumer as well as reducing the infectious disease transmission on a manual soap dispensers’ lever.

The automatic soap dispenser further creates an even more hygienic and germ-free environment. When large amounts of people continue to use the pump feature of a manual soap dispenser, they will leave behind a variety of harmful microorganisms. These microorganisms will multiply which can then leads to infection and

Why would I need my hand care and surface sanitiser dispensers servicing?

Maintaining good levels of soap and hand care servicing is paramount to upholding your organisations hygienic standard. Our professional service technicians will be able to personally come to your organisation at agreed upon regularity whether that be weekly, bi- weekly or monthly. They will then be able to check the functionality and maintenance of your equipment as well as replacing the used soaps to ensure that your hand care levels remain high for your staff on site and the customers visiting your business.

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Which type of soap is best?

At Hygiene Solutions we can provide you with a variety of options when it comes to soap and hand care products ensuring that you are getting what is best for your and your business. We offer a selection of enriched foam refills to suit each dispenser, choice of soaps and cleansers to suit your needs.

  • Our lotion soaps with moisturisers is ideal for washrooms whilst our hand sanitisers are alcohol based which gives a quick drying formula
  • Our antibacterial soap is perfect for food preparation/handling environments 
  • Our alcohol-free hand sanitiser is ideal for children’s nurseries and health care providers. We have soaps to suit you.


Surface sanitation, toilet seat sanitizers

Each time a toilet is flushed microscopic water drops are released upwards that can contain bacteria and germs. These can then of course be deposited on the toilet seat.

We can provide a dispenser that automatically provides the appropriate amount of toilet seat sanitizer, working in exactly the same way that the hand soap dispensers do. This can be deposited onto toilet paper from a nearby located toilet roll dispenser and then used to clean the seat. 


What Our Clients Say?

We have been a customer of Hygiene Solutions for a number of years. The service has always been faultless, professional, helpful and most of all reliable. As a company we are always being approached by other hygiene companies offering us quotations, our answer is always the same, 'No thank you, we have no reason at all to leave Hygiene Solutions!'

Debbie Yates- Office Services Manager, – Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

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