Commercial Air Fresheners

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Commercial Air Fresheners

What is the purpose of an air freshener?

Air fresheners are products that can be used almost anywhere, whether that be your home, your business entrance or your washrooms. At Hygiene Solutions we can provide you with an array of air freshening units from washroom air fresheners to providing you with commercial air freshener systems. Our experts will look to establish your needs and give
advice on what fragrance system will provide you with the best solution.

Our professional will be able to provide you with a range of sample smells with the purpose of understanding which fragrances you would like in your business. Business environments can develop a very humid and stale aroma when your employees and clients are at work. Therefore, we propose that an air-freshening system will provide you with a clean and hygienic smelling environment to match your organisations high standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

Do air fresheners remove bad smells?

The role of an air-freshening unit is to enhance the positive aroma in your organisation. Often, an air freshener can overwhelm and, consequently, replace a bad or poor smelling odour for a period of time.

Here, at Hygiene Solutions, we pride ourselves of offering you a professional, personalised service and, therefore, we would be looking to attend and survey your needs to offer you the best possible solutions to your issue. We specialise in treating poor aromas and returning your organisation to the high hygienic standards you expect.

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Can air fresheners be harmful to the environment?


We provide a wide range of different air freshener units from aerosol, non aerosol, and electric powered fragrances. Aerosols are a widely used type of spray in which emits chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). CFCs are used in aerosols to propel the product from the can; however, Scientists have discovered that this is causing harm to the O-Zone layer and our environment.

At Hygiene Solutions, we care for the environment and want to provide you with all the possible options. Therefore, we also offer products that do not contain any CFCs, has no added volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or propellants, no ‘spray and fade effect’ and ‘no noise’. A fresh, constant level of fragrance is released continuously, consistently and discreetly. The cartridges can be safely disposed of in a plastic recycling bin at the end of the cartridge life.

What is the best air freshener?

The best air-freshener is completely down to your air-freshening needs as an organisation. Our role is to provide you with a personable and bespoke service in which our experts will survey your needs to find you the best solution. We provide and service over five different types of air-freshening unit, all of which can be used for different areas; all providing a
different air-freshening experience.

Different organisations desire different scents to define their professionalism. Some may look for a discretely positive undertone such as an office entrance or waiting area. Other companies may wish for a much strong fragrance which is noticeable throughout the premises such as a nursery or soft play centre. Hygiene Solutions can accommodate your needs.

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How does an automatic air freshener work?

All of our air-freshener units are automatic air fresheners. They are far more environmentally friendly as the units are able to be set dispense over a particular period of time. The automatic air freshener works on a cycle. This cycle can be set to a particular period of time ensuring that your washroom is fresh and maintain your high hygienic standards at all times. Our Microburst units can also be turned off during hours in which the area is not in use.


What Our Clients Say?

We have been a customer of Hygiene Solutions for a number of years. The service has always been faultless, professional, helpful and most of all reliable. As a company we are always being approached by other hygiene companies offering us quotations, our answer is always the same, 'No thank you, we have no reason at all to leave Hygiene Solutions!'

Debbie Yates- Office Services Manager, – Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

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